‘Three lawyers walk into a bar,’ sounds like the start of a less-than-flattering joke, doesn’t it?

It was a cloudy day in Portsmouth when we showed up at the pub at lunchtime. Josh, the bartender du jour, was cruising up and down the bar making sure his guests were happy as we bellied up. A few minutes later, Abby, Nicole and James, said three lawyers, walked in and grabbed the stools next to us. Each ordered a different craft beer.

Say “hi” to Josh!

We noticed that Abby said, “No thanks,” when Josh asked if they would like to order lunch. They were in it just for the brews; our kind of people.

As so often happens at your local BBC, a friendly nod to the people in the next stools turns into a convo. After chatting for a few minutes, we asked what they did for a living.

“I’m an attorney,” said Abby.

“Me too,” said Nicole.

We looked at James and said, “Care to make it three for three?”

“Yup, I’m an attorney,” he replied.

Should you think all attorneys – corporate attorneys, no less – spend their days in suits and rarely crack a smile, let alone share laughs with complete strangers, you’ve clearly never hung out with Abby, Nicole and James.

Abby hails from Dover. Nicole and James, who are married to each other, used to live in the area, and were visiting from Houston where they now live. After going to a wedding in Boston the previous weekend, they popped up to New Hampshire to hang with Abby, whom they used to work with, for a few days. A plan to attend a nearby craft brewery ran afoul when they found out it was closed, so they hit the BBC instead; our kind of people.

Abby was like a one-woman tourism agency for New Hampshire, explaining all of the ins and outs of what to do in the area. The woman knew her stuff! Nicole and James seemed to have one of those great marriages that include a good dose of good-natured ribbing. If can’t joke around with your spouse, what’s the point, right?

So what’s the point of our story? Hmmm… that’s a tough question. No wait; we have two!

When you set down your device and smile at the person next to you, you just might make a new friend. And, as it turns out, lawyers are downright fun. Who knew?