With World Smile Day – a nonsensical internet holiday that celebrates the iconic, created-in-Worcester smiley face – on the horizon, we find ourselves thinking about the things that make us smile.

Lennon Fest in Falmouth Heights.

Lennon Fest: With our very own John Morelli a member in relatively-good standing of Walrus Gumboot, the epically-amazing Beatles cover band, we know where we’ll be on October 8th; at the 12th Annual Lennon Fest in Falmouth Heights. The daylong event features live music, plus fun stuff for kids and tons of good food.

Roaring Fires: There’s a reason there is a fireplace in nearly every BBC; because we think they’re outright awesome. There is simply nothing better than sitting in front of roaring fire while enjoying a hearty fall brew and good conversation.

Our Customers & Coworkers: There is also a reason that we have many, many employees who have been with us for years if not decades; because working at the BBC is just the bomb. Our regular customers feel like family, as do our longtime coworkers, and getting paid to hang out with cool people is a pretty good way to make a living.fall food

Fall Foods & Brews: We don’t know about you, but by the time fall rolls around, we’ve about had it with salads. Yes, we know they’re good for us and yes, they’re our go-to choice on the “It’s too hot to eat” days of summer, but neither man nor woman can live by lettuce alone. Bring on the shepherd’s pie and beer-braised short ribs, please. Add a hefty fall brew on the side and we’re in foodie heaven.

Red Sox Standings: September is nearly over and the Red Sox continue to sit at the top of the AL standings. And they’re three games ahead of the Evil Empire. ‘Nuf said.

Holiday Season: Yeah, yeah; we know it’s cool to be all “Who cares?” about the holiday season, but we don’t care. While we share your disdain for pre-Halloween Christmas decorations at the mall, we actually dig the holidays. Non-stop parties provide a chance to catch up with old friends and a socially-acceptable opportunity to over-imbibe. We also get to wear fancy new clothes. Plus there’s that whole present thing. It doesn’t matter whether we’re giving or receiving, we big fans of presents.

World Smile Day is on October 6th. Care to join us in smiling?