When we realized our 20th anniversary was fast approaching, we began contemplating ways in which we could celebrate. While we keep things pretty casual at the BBC – no one has ever shown up for work in a suit – we do, in fact, have an office. It even has this cool conference room where we’ve been known to put our collective heads together in an effort to come up with a group consensus on pressing matters.

And so it was, nearly a year ago, that we sat down and wracked our brains trying to think of an appropriate way to mark the BBC turning the big two-oh this coming November. We needed something BBC-esque. It had to have wide appeal and be just a tad scrappy.

“How about table tents announcing our anniversary?” was one suggestion.

Too self-congratulatory – and pretty darned lame-oh – is how that brilliant brainwave was received.

“We could have a big cake at each of the pubs to mark the date,” was another idea.

“Way to not think outside the box,” was the overall reaction to this grand concept.

Hours passed and, as afternoon morphed into evening, we had not a single stellar solution to the current conundrum. So we gave up and headed to the nearest BBC which, in this case, was “Little Plymouth,” as we refer to our downtown Plymouth location. Not only could we commiserate over our failure to complete the assigned task of the day, we could drink. Little Plymouth was also our first pub. Maybe spending time in the place where it all began would spark our creativity.

It was at Little Plymouth, while hoisting pints of craft-beer goodness, that one of cohorts said, “What about a beer?”

A signature beer to mark the anniversary of the British Beer Company; now this was something we could all relate to!

And so it was with new-found enthusiasm that we approached our friends at Jack’s Abby brewery in Framingham with our stellar, oh-so-BBC-esque idea of creating a custom craft beer of our very own. Jack’s being Jack’s, they were immediately on board with the concept and began tinkering with recipes.

After several arduous rounds of tasting – yes, we have the best job ever – we picked a winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the BBC’s 20th-Anniversary Double Dry Hopped IPL, brought to you in conjunction with Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers; now available at your local BBC.