Meet the winners of the BBC’s big giveaways.

At the BBC, we’re big fans of that whole “better to give than receive” concept. Basic BBC giveaways – gift certificates, swag and such – happen on a routine basis at all our pubs. But sometimes we feel the need to go big with something a little more substantial. When that’s the case, all the pubs become involved, and lots and lots of people compete to take home the big prize.

Our two most recent giveaways of note were theEat Free for a Year” contest, and a free trip to London.

And the winners were.  .  .

Our “Eat Free for a Year” contest was our way to show some love to our regulars. When customers dined at the pubs, they received stamps in their “passport,” which served as their chance to win. The response was so overwhelming that we ended up giving two loyal customers free eats for 2017.Contest winner

One winner, Mark, has to be considered one of our most faithful customers. He dines at our Danvers restaurant several times a week! Mark is a big fan of chicken fingers and apple juice, Spiderman and all the Marvel superheroes. Mark’s also a big family man; he always dines with his sister, Cheyenne, and his parents, Nadine and Steve. Mark recently celebrated his birthday with us – his seventh (we think) – and as he almost always does, he posed for a photo op next to the lions near the entrance to the pub.

The second winner in the “Eat Free for a Year” contest, Dorothy Andersen (shown above), has been a regular visitor to our Sandwich restaurant for as long as we can remember. She and her husband, Mark, come in several times a month. They’re also both founding members of the BBC’s Beer Club. Dorothy is such a fan of Samuel Smith Pure Brewed Organic Lager that we make sure we always have it on hand for her. When not in the mood for a brew, her go-to libation of choice is whiskey.

While they love living on Cape Cod, Dorothy and Mark are also fond of trips to faraway places. As soon as they’re back from their travels, they hit the pub and tell us all about the food and beer they tried while they were away.

Thanks for playing, Mark and Dorothy. Eat well this year. You earned it!

Free Trip to London

For this contest, we partnered with Newcastle Brown Ale. Once entrants filled out a form with their name and contact info, they were “in it to win it.” “Win it” is exactly what Corey Chapman did.

The trip to London centered around attending a football game – that would be a soccer game to us Yanks – in late October. But when Corey learned that the Washington Redskins were playing the Cincinnati Bengals at Wembley Stadium, he opted for American football. While he may not have shown a lot of love for England’s soccer scene, Corey had no trouble learning to love London’s pub scene. He and his sister, Jamie, who accompanied him on the trip, managed to tip a few pints back while they were there, snapping selfies all along the way. Once he returned to the States, Corey hit his local BBC – our Worcester location – and was kind enough to share the photos with us.

Looks like our kind of trip, Corey. We hope you had a blast!

Contest Winner