BBC Game Dinner: a sumptuous night of exotic meat, craft beer and IPA cask-aged Scotch 

Annual feast at British Beer Co.’s historic Sandwich pub, a converted 18th-century Cape Cod farmhouse. British Beer Co.’s sixth annual wild game dinner on January 18 promises a sumptuous sensory overload of festive fun for fans of fine food, delicious drink and exotic flavors.

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The festivities unfold amid the rustic charm of British Beer Co.’s historic Sandwich pub – a former 18th-century Cape Cod farmhouse converted into an English-style countryside tavern. Bagpipers and the camaraderie of fellow connoisseurs fuels the evening’s signature spirit and bonhomie.

Executive Chef James Gibney – who as a young British chef worked for the Royal Family cooking at Windsor Castle – offers a buffet dinner of venison, guinea fowl, ostrich, antelope, kangaroo, quail, emu and elk, plus wild game charcuterie.

Guest will also enjoy fine wine, classic British ales such as Fuller’s London Pride, the latest offerings from the red-hot U.K. craft beer scene, whiskey flights and, brand new for 2018, Glenfiddich Scotch aged in India pale ale casks – an experimental spirit from the globally renowned distiller that furthers the trend of marrying beer and whiskey.

“This experimental new whiskey from Glenfiddich is the world’s first single malt Scotch finished in IPA barrels and we’re excited to share it with our game-night guests,” said Gnong.

Chef Gibney’s menu includes, among other enticing options:

– Ostrich, antelope, wild boar chili topped by cilantro crema and freshly grated gruyere

– Southern fried guinea fowl with Brussels sprouts kale slaw, cranberry, apple and pomegranate

– Emu Wellington in a classic puff pastry

– Steamship of bison with smoked porter au jus and Yorkshire pudding

Cigar lovers are invited to satiate themselves with food and drink, then step outside to savor their favorite robusto, corona or Churchill beside the pub’s crackling fire pit – a cozy and coveted part of the game dinner evening even amid the winter chill of January.