“You’ve got to accentuate the positive

Eliminate the negative…”

If the question is ‘Are you ready for some football?’ the answer is a whole-hearted, big-fat-honking YES. At the BBC, we like to consider ourselves a [pint] glass-half-full kind of place. So as we settle in for the 2016 NFL season, we’re not allowing ourselves to feel deflated over what – or should we say who – we don’t have in Patriot Nation. We’re staying focused on what we – both the BBC and the New England Patriots – do have.

Rather than obsess over the depressing definition a Patriots’ fan might currently associate with the number four, we’re opting to ‘accentuate the positive’ by reminding ourselves that Bill Belichick has brought home four Super Bowl rings in his tenure as head coach. And unlike you-know-who, Belichick will be doing his thing throughout the entire season so confidence is high we’ll be in the mix come post-season play. framingham

And we refuse to go all Gloomy Gus as we ponder the number 12 either. Twelve is a lovely number. If ‘a perfect ten’ is in fact perfect, that means that 12 is perfect++. It also happens to be the number of appetizers on our menu. Well, kind of. We had to include our New England clam chowder to bring the number up to 12, but we figured we could rationalize it with the whole New England Patriots/New England clam chowder thing. Think what you will of our questionable use of math when we’re in need of making a point, but whatever way you slice it, you know you’ve got lots of options when comes time to chow down during game time. Speaking of slice – which we just did – our house-made pizzas on our signature crust are also a great choice for football fodder. Way to work the segue, don’t you think? wings

Not a New England Patriots’ fan? Not to worry.  Not only will we not hold it against you, we’ll make sure at least one of the many gigantic TVs hanging around at every BBC location is tuned into your team come kickoff.

Fab food, TVs galore and endless options in the exceptional libations department: Are we ready for some football? Yup; we sure are.