While we all tend to get a little melancholy when the sun is setting by 7:30 and we’re reaching for a fleece as we head out the door in the morning, there are a lot reasons to look forward to fall.Jack's Abby Copper Legend

  • Fall Brews: The fact that we seem to lead off every one of these “listicles” with a nod to alcohol may say more about us than we can care to admit, but when the region’s breweries start turning out their fall offerings, we’re happy campers. Each of the pubs is starting to tap into hearty autumn quaffs such as Jack’s Abby Copper Legend.
  • Better Hair: After the countless hot, humid days this summer when our hair expanded to unheard of heights, we say bring on the good hair days of crisp, dry fall weather. Labor Day approaches just as we are to ready to pursue drastic measures, such as shaving our heads. Disclaimer: It’s quite possible one of women in our little band of misfits made us include this one.
  • Football: Yeah, we know we’ve already waxed philosophical about the start of football season, but our passion demands that we mention it yet again. Even those who don’t doggedly follow every play can get psyched for bar-side comradery, heaping plates of nachos and a valid reason to consider Buffalo wings a healthy dinner.
  • Hearty Food: Shepherd’s Pie, Steak and Stout Pie, Double Gloucester Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Beer Braised Ribs: Is your mouth watering yet? Lots ‘o BBC standards just seem to taste better when there’s a nip in the air and we are so champing at the bit to tuck into something hefty as soon as the temperature dips below 50…maybe even 60. Oh wait; we’re already there!
  • World Series: With the Red Sox currently on top of the National League standings, and 4.5 games ahead of the Evil Empire, October baseball at Fenway is a very real possibility. Remember that warm, fuzzy feeling you had for weeks – dare we say months – after they won it all in ’04? It’s enough to keep a Sox fan on cloud nine all the way through winter; even a New England winter.
  • The Kids are Back in School: There’s no reason to admit it to the helicopter parents you’re forced to chat with at the bus stop, but after juggling summer camp and childcare concerns all summer long, you’re allowed to feel a sense of relief when you put little Evan and Eva on the bus on the first day of school. We won’t tell anyone; promise.

Top photo: Jennifer Kain DeFoe