We’re big fans of the holidays at the BBC. The parties, the presents, the seasonally-acceptable over-imbibing; what’s not to love? Rather than trot out some random list of how much the antiquated items mentioned in the “12 Days of Christmas” would cost in today’s economy – seriously, does anyone care how much a leaping lord costs? – we’ve updated the time-honored Christmas carol to reflect the BBC lifestyle which, as any BBC aficionado knows, is all about good times, great people and a rockin’ craft beer menu.

So, here goes:hollywood-bartender-framingham

On the twelfth day of Christmas my fave pub gave to me:

Twelve Clown Shoes Space Cakes

Eleven Batty Bartenders

Ten Soft-Baked Pretzels

Nine Newkie Brownsimg_1334-1280x842

Eight Macho Nachos

Seven Singing Servers

Six Shots of Fireball

Five Shepherd’s Pies

Four Fuller’s Portersimg_1003-1280x848

Three Founders Stouts

Two Ten-Inch Pizzaspizza_2

and an ice-cold I.P.A.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas. As far as we’re concerned, you choosing to hang with all of us at the BBC is the best gift…ever.