Our Hyannis restaurant.

Now that we have April, a.k.a. “the cruelest month,” in our rearview mirrors, we have high hopes that the nonstop parade of rainy, 40-degree days is over – at least until next year – which means it’s time to enjoy outdoor dining. We at the BBC are big fans of al fresco dining, so much so that nearly all of our local pubs have a patio, and we’re always looking for an excuse to take advantage of them.

So here’s our list of mostly-made-up yet kind of/sort of scientific reasons why outdoor dining is the best:

  1. Beer Tastes Better: If there’s anything better than cracking a cold one after spending hours outside working hard on a hot, sunny day, we have yet to find it. Savoring a perfectly-chilled craft beer on a patio is a close second, but since we don’t actually have to work for it, we’re calling this one a push.
  2. Mother Knows Best: Before every man, woman and child had a “device” and every household had a gaming system, “Go outside and play!” was the phrase everyone’s mother relied on to stay sane throughout summer vacation. As far as we’re concerned, eating and drinking outside constitutes “play” so it’s a mom-approved activity.

    The Walpole BBC.
  3. Vitamin D Production: We didn’t make this one up! Human’s need vitamin D. Getting sun allows our body to produce copious amounts of this necessary stuff naturally. There’s even a “Vitamin D for Dummies” book to prove it. Mom would be so proud.
  4. Increased Brain Function: More science…seriously. According to an article on the Huffington Post, fresh air kicks the brain into high gear. True, the article suggests actually engaging in physical activity while outside to maximize the benefits, but who are we to split hairs? Given that we allegedly kill a few brain cells when consuming beer (see reason #1), we’ll take what we can get.
  5. Carpe Diem: We pride ourselves on being quasi-logical, so we’ll end up where we started off: Winters in New England are long and cold – dare we say “cruel”? – so when the sun is shining and we can actually stand being outside for more than 20 minutes, we are so going to seize the day.
The Franklin BBC (on left) and our Pembroke location.