With the Patriots pre-season games now underway, we turn our attention to the most wonderful time of the year; football season. While it seems like it was only yesterday that we were all experiencing unheard of euphoria over the Pat’s epic Super Bowl win – “Roger that” – it’s actually been months since we’ve been able to witness Terrific Tom in action.

We are so ready for some football, aren’t you?

What to look for this season:

  • A contract extension for Brady: The internet was all abuzz at the close of the last season about an extension on Brady’s current two-year contract happening at some point this season. As the oldest quarterback currently playing in the NFL – he turned 40 on August 3rd – an extension brings him one step closer to achieving his goal of playing until he’s 45. If Brady does manage to play until he’s 45, he’ll have surpassed Steve DeBerg as the oldest starting quarterback in NFL history. DeBerg was 44 years and 279 days on the day of his last start in 1998. Go GOAT, go.
  • The Pats traveling to away games in style: Shortly after Brady turned the big four-oh, the team purchased not one, but two Boeing 767s. While we’d like to think they were a birthday gift for Brady, online reports indicate it was more a matter of logistics; something about charter planes that are large enough to accommodate the entire team and requisite gear aging out of service. Hmmm… guess commercial airlines are so not the done thing in the NFL.patriots airplane
  • A 16-0 season: No, this isn’t our prediction. It’s what USA Today came up with in their annual forecast of how the season will play out. The story sites an allegedly healthy Gronk, and the fact that the Brady/Belichick combo has managed a perfect regular season in the past, in making what they noted was such a “bold” prediction.
  • The book 12 with a movie to follow: Due to be released in early in 2018 is 12, the book being co-authored by Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge, the same duo that wrote Boston Strong. It is expected to focus primarily on the aforementioned epic Super Bowl win, but will likely chronicle the less-than-epic Deflategate debacle and Brady’s subsequent four-game suspension. A release date for the film has not been yet been set. There is neither a book nor a movie in the works about the current commissioner of the NFL. Take that, Roger.