Seriously, that’s what that photo depicts; just another day in the life of Josh Shepard, one the MODs at our Manchester pub. Look past the snout on the camel and you’ll see that Josh is wearing scuba gear and, no, this was not a staged prank photo.

We happened upon Josh when we stopped in at the Manchester restaurant. He was there on his day off. We love when our peeps want to hang with us even when they’re not working; it’s the very highest praise. It was a hot and humid afternoon. While most people were drinking a cold beer, Josh was sipping a single malt scotch which kind of surprised us. Who doesn’t love a single malt served neat on cold winter day? Not so much in the midst of a heatwave, right?

When we queried Josh on his adult beverage of choice, it was his coworker, Katie Silverman, who answered.

“He drinks it because he loves putting his pinky up,” she said, adding, “He also compares himself to Kraft mac and cheese because he’s the ‘cheesiest.’”

If you’re thinking Katie has a way with words, you’re correct. She is a budding writer.

It was clear from Josh’s reaction – he was all smiles – that the two are good friends. Katie had just finished working the lunch shift, so she hit the road, but we spent some time talking with Josh.

We’re always on the lookout for blog fodder from our employees – these posts don’t write themselves – so we asked Josh to share an amusing anecdote.

“I learned to scuba dive in Egypt,” he said without a moment’s hesitation.

“Um… Egypt is in the desert, Josh. You might want to ease up on the scotch consumption.”

We were quickly informed that Egypt lies on both the Mediterranean and Red Seas; so much for our geography expertise.

Josh grabbed his phone and showed us these pics. His brother was graduating from the American University in Egypt and Josh went over for the ceremony. While he was there, he took scuba lessons in the aforementioned Red Sea and couldn’t resist the opportunity to pose on a camel in his gear. What happens in Egypt stays in Egypt.

We stand corrected. Next time, The Glenrothes is on us, Josh.