We at the BBC have long enjoyed a great relationship with Fuller’s Pride, the storied English brewery that has been crafting exquisite elixirs since 1845. At nearly every pub you’ll find a selection of Fuller’s beer literally front and center. So proud are we to serve Fuller’s Pride that we’ve installed a nitro system, a dispensing technique which renders their creamy concoctions even creamier, smack-dab in the middle of the bar at many of our locations.

Another factor in our “brewmance” with Fuller’s Pride is the way in which they approach business. As is often the case with English breweries, Fuller’s Pride owns and operates many pubs, and several hotels, throughout England. When we wanted to show members of our crew the pub-as-part-of-a-community concept that we’ve tried to emulate with the BBC, we sent them across the pond to spend time at Fuller’s Pride’s pubs.

In the middle of August, we’ll be taking our brewmance to the next level as we increase the number of Fuller’s Pride offerings on tap at the pubs. To herald the arrival the bigger, better selection, we’ve come up perfect pairings of brew and food.

We wanted to be sure these pairings were, in fact, perfect.  After much research, which involved sampling many of Fuller’s Pride options and nearly every item on our menu, we’re confident we’ve nailed it.

First up, beginning on August 17th, is Fuller’s Pride paired with Fish & Chips. What could be more British… or more perfect?

We’ll be offering a new pairing every week over the course of the next month. Stay tuned for more details!