Much like our pubs, each of our general managers has their own distinctive personality…and for that, we thank them. A couple of them happen to be really into events…and for that, we really thank them.

All of our G.M.s have that certain je ne sais quoi that makes people, both our customers and our crew, feel welcome the moment they walk in the door. Other than that, their personalities are as varied as our selection of craft beers. But one thing that Chris and Jessica, from Danvers and Falmouth Heights, happen to have in common is a love of party planning. 

Chris Lundsten, Danvers

chrisChris Lundsten, the general manager of our Danvers local, has created so many special events in the nearly three years he’s been with the company that we’ve dubbed that pub the ‘Amusement Park.’ When Chris came up with a Harry Potter Night concept, we thought he was a little nuts. Chris, the father of two young children, wanted to turn the pub into Hogwarts for a family-friendly event. Um; okay, give it a shot. Chris and the crew transformed the entrance into King’s Cross Station Platform 9¾, the magically-concealed barrier between Muggle Platforms 9 and 10, and successfully carried the theme throughout our Danvers restaurant. The night proved a boffo success, so much so that they hosted another Harry Potter Night later that year on July 31st, Harry’s birthday. There was also a Cigar & Wild Boar Night out on the patio this fall and, in October, the new Songwriters’ Night was such a huge hit with local musicians and music aficionados that it’s now in fairly regular rotation too.

BTW: We’ve left the King’s Cross Station Platform 9¾ sign in place over the front door. Knowing Chris, it just made sense because we know he’ll be cooking up another Harry Potter Night in the near future.

Jessica Hopkins, Falmouth Heights

jessicaJessica Hopkins was initially supposed to be on ‘temporary assignment’ as the general manager at our Falmouth Heights restaurant. She started while our Worcester pub was under construction and was supposed to head up there when it was ready to open. But Jessica just seemed to ‘fit’ at the Falmouth Heights pub. She also has family in the area. So it wasn’t too difficult convincing her to stay on board. The view of the ocean right across the street probably helped too. Anyway…we digress…as usual.

When Jessica started at Falmouth Heights, she inherited a couple of events. Um; ever heard of the Falmouth Road Race? With the finish line literally right outside the right door, race day is always a big day at the pub. She also inherited the Annual Polar Plunge, what Jessica calls her favorite event, which the pub has been hosting for more than a dozen years. It’s a fundraiser – the entrance fee goes to a charity in town – and it takes place in March when the water has a bracing chill. “All these crazy people come down here and jump in the water. It’s just crazy fun,” says Jessica of the day.

Since joining us, she’s also added her own spin to the event calendar. Jingle Mingle Ugly Sweater Party, anyone? In November, it was the Thanksgiving Eve Bash that was a blast. And in October, Jessica came up with the idea of inviting kids to bring in decorated pumpkins to display around the restaurant. Kids’ painted pumpkins were everywhere and each little artist got a free meal and a treat.

You guys rock…and for that, we thank you.