Checking in with a couple of BBC-ers who’ve been with us for at least five years.

It’s no secret that the restaurant business has a high employee turnover rate. Just as you’ve learned to love a certain bartender’s wacky sense of humor, or a server who always remembers exactly how many ice cubes you prefer in your beverage of choice, they’ve moved on down the road to another gig. Not so much at the BBC. We’ve got lots of employees who’ve been with us so many years that they really have come to feel like family. And for that, we thank them.

Let’s meet Kristy and Mike. 

Kristy Lamoureux; Bartender @ Westford

Kristy LamoureuxKristy Lamoureux has been us with since 2010, the year we opened our Westford restaurant. A mother of three, she prefers to work lunch shifts so can be home with her kids after school. With her free time – we’re not even sure how you find free time with three kids and a job – Kristy likes doing crafty stuff.

“I like arts and crafts, and redoing furniture I find on letgo and Close5,” she said one afternoon as we were lounging at the bar.

We also asked Kristy why she’s been with us for so long. “I like the people – the staff and the customers – and it’s a good environment,” she said. “I’ve made so many friends with our regulars,” she added.

Mike Otto; General Manager @ Hyannis

Mike’s lived on the Cape since he was a kid; not a native – as any native Cape Codder would be quick to point out – but as a resident for nearly 25 years, it’s safe to say that Mike knows the Cape. And with more than a decade at our Hyannis restaurant under his belt, we’re confident he knows our clientele too, which, given the Cape’s seasonal economy, can be a bit tricky. But whether it’s the crowds of visitors in the summer looking for a rocking night out, or a handful of locals on a sleepy winter evening, Mike is equally adept at keeping everyone happy and having fun.

Mike OttoIf one were to judge this G.M. by his cover, one that includes well-inked arms, a hair-free pate and a mountain-man beard, one might assume that Mike would be on the prowl for his next ‘rocking night out.’ Nope; not even close.

Mike and his wife of 11 years have two young children, three-year-old Caleb and seven-year old Addison, and when he’s not a work Mike’s home with the family where he likes to garden and “reads a lot.” Mike is “…a wicked beer geek,” as he put it. Maybe that’s why he’s been with the BBC so long.

Stayed tuned for the “High Five” sequels; there will be lots of them!