When it comes to hiring crew for the BBC, we don’t really have a “type” like some restaurants do. There’s no homogenized overall feel to BBC-ers; individuality is celebrated. If someone has a great personality, we’ll give them a shot. Of course, a love of craft beer is always a plus too.

We got to thinking about this on a recent visit to our Manchester restaurant where we had the chance to spend a few minutes talking with Shannon Nightingale, one of our managers, and bartender Lyndsey Nolan. Shannon and Lyndsey are both passionate about their interests outside of the pub, and those interests could not be more different.

Shannon: a.k.a. “The Huntress”

shannonShannon Nightingale has been with us since we opened in Manchester, almost five years. She’s from Deering, NH, a small, rural town. She came to Manchester to attend Southern New Hampshire University, liked the area and decided to stay. When we asked the fairly typical getting-to-know-you question of “What do you do when you’re not at work?” we were surprised by her answer.

“I hunt,” she said.

“Really?!” we replied. “Are you any good?”

“Yes, I do very well,” she said.

It turns out Shannon is quite the huntress. She’s adept with both a rifle and a shotgun, and with a bow as well. The only girl in a family of six kids, Shannon grew up hunting with father and brothers, and she still hunts with dad frequently. Shannon is apparently quite the cook, too, and makes a mean venison chili.

Lyndsey: a.k.a. “The Herbalist”

lyndseyLyndsey Nolan has also been at our Manchester restaurant since it opened. “I worked here when it was Chili’s so I was part the ‘property transfer’ so to speak,” she said as she took a pause from keeping her customers happy during the busy lunch hour. And we’re so glad she was, we thought as we watched Lyndsey cruising around with a smile on her face, chatting with everyone.

Lyndsey’s answer to the same “What do you do when you’re not at work” question couldn’t have more different than Shannon’s. “I’m an herbalist,” she said. Told you we don’t have a “type” at the BBC.

“Really?!” we replied. “What’s an herbalist?”

“I study holistic medicine and create products with plants and herbs,” she said.

Lyndsey has been studying for years and has plans in the works to launch her own brand of herbal products. She’s got a way cool name for the company, but it’s so cool we promised not to tell anyone lest she get scooped by the competition. Your secret’s safe us with, Lyndsey.

Since “The Huntress & The Herbalist” sounds like it could be one of Aesop’s Fables, it seems appropriate to end with a ‘moral of the story’: Follow your bliss…always.