With many people using their air conditioners well into October, it seemed like summer would never end this year. But, this being New England, we knew colder weather would arrive eventually. And so, even as the temperature reached historic highs all autumn long, our talented team of food artisans tinkered away with a new menu. Good thing, too: just as we were reaching for our jackets and hoodies, our winter menu was ready for its debut.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet our new winter menu.

First Things First

If you love making an entire meal of out of appetizers, you’ll be going all kinds of gaga over the stuff we’ve added in the all-important first course department. The new BBC Smorgasbord, a combo plate loaded with stuff such as our giant soft pretzel, potato skins, Thai chicken and honey-ginger-bourbon wings, is proving wicked popular. It even comes with a smorgasbord of sauces.

BBC winter menu

We’ve gone a little old school with new apps. In addition to the aforementioned potato skins, which are topped with jalapeño bacon and cheddar, we have also added fried mozzarella. No, not the kind of mozzarella sticks that everyone serves straight from the freezer. Our fried mozzarella is fresh cheese that we hand bread to order and serve with a side of house-made tomato-basil ragu.

Go Ahead; Sit There and Stew

So beefy, so tasty, so hefty is our new beef stew that we can’t decide if it’s an appetizer or an entrée. We invite you to tuck into a crock or, better yet, a bread boule of it and make the call for yourself. Please report back with your findings.

The Main Event

Not to be ignored is the “mains” department – a Brit term for what we Yanks call entrées – where we have a couple of cool new options that fish aficionados are absolutely loving. Our New England Baked Haddock is baked with lump crab fondue and served on a bed of grilled asparagus. A side of herb-roasted red bliss potatoes ups the yum factor. And the Fish Tacos, blackened comfort food new englandhaddock with pickled veggie slaw and a spicy remoulade served in warm flour tortillas, have just the right amount of zip to warm you up on a cold winter day.

For of those you who aren’t big fans of change – hey, we’re New Englanders – fear not; your old faves are still available.

While there “ain’t no cure for the summertime blues,” our new menu is the perfect antidote to the “winter woes.”