As we’ve mentioned on several past occasions, tooling around southern New England and hanging out at various BBCs is in our job description. It’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make in the name of quality control. At least that’s what we say when Gary and Harry tell us to hit the road. If they knew how much fun we always have, they’d make us stay in the office. Perish the thought!

On a recent visit to our Franklin pub, we bellied up the bar – yes, we know, we’re predictable – and happened upon Andy Macdonald. We’re a friendly bunch and Andy looked pretty approachable, so we struck up a conversation. He was dining alone, grabbing a quick bite on his lunch break from a nearby software company. But based on the nonstop back-and-forth chitchat between Andy and Mandy, who was bartending, he was clearly a regular customer.

(“Andy and Mandy,” sounds like the name of a 1980s sitcom, doesn’t it? Anyway, back to our point).

We like to know our regulars. It lets us get a feel for exactly what makes them keep coming in. It helps us figure out what’s working and what isn’t. Plus, it’s fun. (Shhhh.  . . don’t tell Gary and Harry).

“Number one is the atmosphere, which I always like,” Andy said when queried about why he comes to the pub.

And then he added, “I like a dark pub.”

An affinity for dark pubs? That’s got BBC written all over it.

Andy also listed the people as a reason for frequenting the BBC. “Mandy, the barmaid, is tremendously friendly,” he said. “The same is true of the BBC on the Cape, in Cedarville. Everyone’s very nice.”

We were somewhat confused by that until Andy explained that he and his wife are also regulars at the BBC in Cedarville, near where they have a second home. There should be some kind of honorary designation for people with two of our pubs as favorite haunts; maybe “bi-pub-ular” or something. That might need a little work. We’ll get back to you.

When we asked Andy about his fave thing on the menu, we loved his reply. “I would say Guinness,” he said.

We were referring to food, but okay. Andy is clearly our kind of guy.

We clarified that we were, in fact, talking about food items, but that we actually loved his response even more.

“It’s not on the menu, but they do a masterful turkey club, and they’re very accommodating,” he said.


Most anybody with a bit of experience can pour a proper pint of Guinness, but to hear that our turkey club is “masterful,” and that our crew is happy to prepare something that isn’t even on the menu, well, that just made our day.

Cheers, Andy.