When we introduced new menus in May, we did not make the assumption that it would be the be-all-end-all of menus. We knew that we would need to pay close attention to make sure we’d gotten it right. The BBC isn’t about our vision; it’s about our guests’ vision.

Not only did we monitor which new items were selling like hotcakes and which were kind of meh by continually reviewing reports from that fancy, new-fangled computer system we use, we also talked to people. We asked the crew what diners were saying and we chatted with customers.

fish and chips
Our fish and chips.

Turns out, we got the new menu mostly right. Hey, Rome wasn’t in built in a day, right? So we went back to the drawing board and tweaked a few things.

Introducing our new menu; version 2.0.

First off, each regional menu is now more different than the others. We wanted to use the word “differenter” but Spellcheck was not a fan, so “more different” it is.

While we’ve always had several menus, the items on each were pretty consistent with just a handful of variations from one area to the next. With version 2.0, we’ve fine-tuned things and really drilled down on what appealed to guests at each pub. BBC standards, like British Beer Company Nachos, British Fish & Chips, and the Steak Tip Salad, remain on every menu, as do some of the items that made their debut in May. The Cured Meat and English Cheese Board is just one example.

The new Thai Mussels & French Fries.

Also now on the menu at every pub is the back-by-popular-demand Double Gloucester Mac & Cheese. We underestimated your devotion to this decadent delight – our bad – so it has returned!

But now more than ever, every menu has been tailored to appeal to guests in that area.

If you’re down on the Cape, the new Lobster Dip will prove irresistible. On the North Shore and in New Hampshire, it’s the Thai Mussels with French Fries that will have you going gaga. Those of you who live outside of Boston have your very own Street Corn with cilantro lime crema. You’ll also find new salads, sandwiches and main courses at every BBC.

Let us know what you think; seriously, we want to hear from you.


Same as it ever was…yummy! Our mac and cheese is back!