Last month we waxed poetic about the joys of the summer brews currently on tap at your local BBC. While New England winters may have us pining for porters, we’re all about the lighter ales and IPAs come summertime. The same is true of our culinary cravings. As luck – well, that and not a small amount of planning – would have it, our new menu is brimming with stuff that’s perfect for sultry days.

Our Cured Meat & Imported Cheese Board.

If you and your work posse like to hit the bar happy hour for a couple of colds ones and some apps, but your go-to choices of nachos and chicken wings just seem way to heavy, switch things up with our Seared Tuna Sashimi with grilled pineapple-raisin relish or the Cured Meat & English Cheese Board. The tuna is uber fresh and melt-in-your-mouth tender – it’s like buttah – and the meat and cheese board is packed with locally-sourced cured meats and imported cheeses. Both are ideal for sharing.

Should the idea of rare yellowfin tuna sound like the perfect antidote to your heatwave blues, but you really want something more substantial than an appetizer, fear not; we use the same sushi-grade tuna in our Yellowfin Tuna Club which is topped off with avocado, seaweed salad and wasabi mayo. Add a side of slaw and you’ll be in cool-food heaven.

While the term “salad days” denotes a period when a person is young and inexperienced (trust us; we Googled it), we think it would make more sense if July and August were referred to this way. It’s really all we feel like eating when the temperature soars. BBC Cobb, anyone? Yeah, baby.

When the last thing you want to do is cook, head down to your local BBC. We’ve got just what you want when you’re feeling hot, hot, hot.

Our Yellowfin Tuna Club.