Once again, we asked our fellow BBC customers about their fave beer of the moment.

Having an ever-changing array of beers on tap is kind of our thing. We know, way to state the obvious, right? Each of our pubs offers at least two dozen draft beers, and no two pubs have the exact same selection. And while there are 14 BBCs, every pub is decidedly individual and attracts its own local clientele.

Who are we to tell Frank* in Falmouth Heights that he has to drink the same beer as Michelle* in Manchester? That would be pretty presumptuous of us, don’t you think? So each BBC manager orders the beers their customers prefer, which means Frank in Falmouth can enjoy a Cape Cod blonde, while Michelle in Manchester can savor something from Smuttynose, a craft beer made at a New Hampshire brewery.

While tooling around from BBC to BBC, chatting with the crew and exchanging greetings with our customers – yes, we know we have the best job ever! – we once again asked every Tom, Rick and Harriet to name their favorite beer. And once more, each response led with “Right now?” which we just love because we know it means that BBC-ers are changing their choice of beer as often as we swap kegs.

“Right now” Arlene, a relative newbie at our Hyannis restaurant, said she is all about TRÖEGS Mad Elf, a winter holiday offering from a Pennsylvania-based brewery that features notes of red cherry and cinnamon.

Elsewhere on Cape Cod, we encountered Sarah at our Sandwich restaurant. While she was busy attending to a full bar on a chilly winter afternoon, she found time to weigh in with her fave brew of the moment. “Right now, I’m partial to Long Trail Limbo,” she said.

Our travels also led us to our Pembroke restaurant, where Candy was behind the bar. Candy has been with the BBC for 12 years, but her days are numbered – by her choice, not ours! She will be retiring in April so that she and her hubby of 32 years can pursue their love of travel.

When asked the question on tap – sorry, we couldn’t resist! – Candy replied, “Right now? Mayflower IPA. I like them local.”

Thanks for playing along, Candy. Happy trails to you. And thank you for 12 fantastic years.