An all-new menu has us twisting and shouting.

We’re big fans of tradition at the BBC. We’ve pretty much built our business on the concept of a classic British pub, creating an atmosphere where change is greeted about as warmly as a steep new tax on beer.

But as we approach our 20th anniversary, which we’ll officially celebrate in November, we felt the need to shake things up. So, we put our collective brains together and pondered the possibilities.

As we mentioned in a blog post last month, the kitchen crews have really been rocking the specials in recent months; ordering outside-the-box ingredients for their individual kitchens and stretching their creative muscles to come up with dishes that look as incredible as they taste.

But we felt the need to conduct additional research of a very scientific nature. Road trip!

We piled into our pub-mobile and traveled from BBC to BBC. After our laborious efforts, which included eating countless plates of carefully-crafted food, each washed down with a brew or two, and engaging in endless convos with our customers, we realized it was time to embrace change.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet our new menu!

We’ve already begun rolling out our new baby. Framingham, Sandwich, Pembroke, Manchester, Portsmouth and Worcester have already made the change. Cedarville, Hyannis, Westford and Walpole are on deck this week. By the end of the month, all locations will have our all-new menu.

Check out some of the items!

Seared tuna sashimi with pickled seaweed and grilled pineapple-raisin relish.


Sautéed crab cakes with wilted winter greens, Romesco sauce and micro greens.

entree short ribs

Beer-braised short rib with Yorkshire pudding, whole-grain mustard glaze and beer demi.

menu item entree pasta

Wild mushroom cavatelli with crème fraiche, truffle essence and micro greens.