A Little bit about “Little Plymouth” – our downtown Plymouth pub. 

Nestled on a side street just off Court Street, the main drag in downtown Plymouth, and a block from the harbor and Plymouth Rock, sits our Plymouth pub. Known by some as “Little Plymouth” and by others as “Half Pint,” it’s the smallest – by far – in the family of BBC locations, but it’s a got a massive personality and a cheeky attitude.

There’s just a half dozen or so stools at the bar. Across the room, maybe eight whole feet away, are a handful of tall tables. At the back of the room is a metal spiral staircase heading up to another miniscule room where there’s a fireplace and a couple of dartboards. As far the amount of space goes, that’s it. Its enduring appeal is tougher to describe.

15027722_1024178221038386_5041920508883046629_nMaybe it’s the ever-changing messages on the blackboard out on the front walk that displays a dose of wisdom with subtle side of snarkiness. It could be the creaking floorboards of the antique building. Or maybe it’s the fact that there are, in fact, dartboards (when was the last time you saw a dartboard?!). But when it comes right down to it, what makes “Little Plymouth” so cool is the people.

krisThere’s Kris Faherty, a bartender who’s been with us for a year or so. She’s somehow manages to come across as unflappable and excitable in the same sentence; just as a bartender should be. Then there’s Dan Mahoney, our G.M. He transplanted down from our Danvers pub about a year-and-a-half ago. Ask him what he thinks of the pub and it’s just pure enthusiasm.

“I love it! It’s like the community pub you hear about, but you don’t where it is until you find it; it’s what a pub should be,” said Dan.

15094237_1024178217705053_3930379462573879333_n‘What a pub should’ was a sentiment kindly echoed by one of crew of our regulars, a guy named Patrick (no last name please). “This feels like a real authentic British bar. I tended a bar in London for a couple of years and this is as close as you can find in the States,” said Patrick. “All of the bartenders are really friendly and personable, and it draws a crowd looking to sit and chat.”

Wow, thanks Patrick!

While it’s always been known as a good place for a proper pint and good chat, with the inception of the BBC Acoustic Lounge, “Little Plymouth” has also become a hotbed of local musical talent. Universal Recording artists Macalla, a fiercely-talented local duo, host each Monday night. And it’s not an open mic night – no bad renditions of “Piano Man” here. Musicians are vetted and performing their own original music. How fitting for a pub that is itself a complete original.