Warm weather means it’s time to lighten up your craft beer

We’ve finally dumped the duck boots for the season and plan on wearing nothing but our fave flip flops every single until the first frost…maybe longer…unless we have to go to a wedding. Although, if it’s a wedding on Cape Cod, fancy flip flops are generally considered appropriate attire.

It isn’t just our cold-weather footwear that’s being stowed for the season in favor of lighter options. So too are our brews of choice. Good thing our friendly neighborhood brewers are onboard with our desires, right?

On Tap on the Cape

Cape Cod Beach Blonde: Who doesn’t love a Beach Blonde after a day of sun and sand, right? We’ve swapped Cape Cod Beer’s heartier amber ale, Cape Cod Red, for this refreshing blonde ale. Trust us; a Beach Blonde is way better than bleached blonde.

Hog Island Pig-Pen Pharmhouse: From the newest player in the Cape’s burgeoning craft beer craze comes this Belgian ale that’s refreshing with a dry finish. These guys are rocking it and this brew is just one of the reasons.

On Tap in the ‘Burbs

Sierra Nevada Summerfest: We’re pretty sure their ever-popular pale ale will return once the temperature starts to dip, but for right now we’re digging this drinkable, golden number. It even has “fest” right in the name; let’s party!

Black Hog S.W.A.G.: Get it while it’s hot, literally; this American pale wheat ale brewed in Connecticut is only available for the summer. A crisp, clean taste and a relatively low ABV (4.70%) make this a perfect choice to reward yourself after mowing the lawn or completing some other equally-hideous chore.

On Tap up North

Smuttynose Finestkind IPA: Hearty folks up north will love this New Hampshire-brewed option. It’s on the light side for an IPA with just a touch of summer citrus. “Smuttynose” – who thinks of this stuff?

Beer’D Whisker’D Wit: Brewed in Connecticut, this bone-dry baby is as refreshing as it is complex. One taster on Beer Advocate described its aroma as “…demure lemony biscuity spice.” Seriously, who thinks this stuff up?

Disclaimer: This is a teeny-tiny, totally-random sampling of the beers we offer. Each of our pubs, all 14 of them, has more than 25 beers on tap and no two locations offer the same brew menu. Do the math. Visit our website and check the offerings at your local pub. If that’s sounds like way too much effort for a summer day, you’re in luck: There’s an app for that. Add the TapHunter app to your phone for on-the-go, up-to-date info.

Happy summer!