The BBC Freequent Lunch Club is back!

The Volkswagen Beetle. The Hostess Twinkie. Chuck Taylors All Stars. The Mini Cooper. Coca Cola. The BBC’s Freequent Lunch Club.

Are you sensing a theme here? Sometimes it was changing tastes, in others it was a labor dispute or – just maybe – a thinly-veiled marketing ploy (Did you think Coke was actually forever doing away with Coke?), but for whatever reason, each of these products were discontinued and then later reintroduced. In many cases, the reboot proved more popular that the original.Lunch Coupon

In the case of our Freequent Lunch Club, there was no major occurrence which led to its demise, no one decried “These things have to go!” and it certainly wasn’t some sort of Twinkie-inspired labor dispute. We just like to change things up here and there, and try new stuff, so the Freequent Lunch Club just sort of went away.

Now it’s back and, like the Twinkie, it’s just as good as you remember.

Here’s the deal: Join us for lunch five times and the sixth one’s on us. Order an entrée – whatever you’d like – and get a stamp on your card. Get five stamps and get a free lunch. Pretty straight forward right? There’s no expiration date and just one tiny little bit of fine print; you can’t combine it with other discounts. That seems pretty fair, doesn’t it?

Now get to your local pub and get eating!