If you’ve never heard of Timmy Brown before, chances are you will soon (well; you know, if you weren’t reading him about here). The Norton-born, country singer/songwriter is showing all of the early indicators for the potential to reach superstar status.

Started playing piano before entering kindergarten and then moved on to playing in notable local venues? Check.

Appearances on American Idol (back when the show was considered the height of cool)? Yup.

Live performances at iconic regional events like Patriots’ games and the tree-lighting ceremony on Boston Common? But of course.

Social media following of 30K+ and an original recording that charted on iTunes Top 100 the day it was released. Naturally.

While Timmy has all the markers for making it big, at least in our humble opinion, the young singer says he isn’t in it for the fame.

“It’s not all about being a superstar,” he says. “I’d rather make people feel something when they listen to my music.”

Timmy himself feels a great connection to music, as he explained.

“Music makes me feel something; it’s its own language and anyone can connect with it,” he said.

When not writing and recording original music, such as “Lil Bit,” the song he recorded at Blackbird Studio in Nashville that ranked in the Top 100 on iTunes, Timmy is traveling back and forth from Norton to Nashville where he continues to record what will “hopefully be a full album,” and performing in area venues.

And on June 2nd, Timmy Brown and Black Diamond, the already-established band he joined as lead singer several years ago, will be performing at the Walpole BBC!

We loved Timmy’s response when we asked him why he’d decided to do a gig at the BBC.

“I’m a local and it’s a great opportunity to have fans see me in a smaller setting,” he said before pausing and adding, “They have good shepherd’s pie.”

Whatever the reason, we’ll take it.

You can listen to “Lil Bit” on Timmy’s website. Oddly enough, one of the lyrics is “…catch a Braves game.” We’re pretty sure you meant Red Sox, Timmy.

Who: Timmy Brown and Black Diamond

Where: Live at the Walpole BBC; 85 Providence Highway

When: Friday, June 2nd @ 9:30 p.m.