A crew from our Worcester pub helps out at the Kids Café at the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester by cooking dinner for more than 300 people.

Not only does the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester provide sports and arts programs, childcare and an education program, they also serve a healthy dinner to more than 300 people in need five nights a week. How incredibly cool is that? When the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce partnered with the Young Professional Women’s Association and the Worcester Young Businessmen’s Association to do for one night what the good people at the Boys & Girls Club do so selflessly more than 250 times a year, the crew from our Worcester restaurant didn’t hesitate to offer to help in any way they could.

Of course being in the restaurant biz meant that ‘help in any way they could’ meant cooking!

On November 9th, volunteers from all of the organizations involved got together and threw a big old party for a bunch of awesome kids. There was even cake and balloons, and the mascot from the Worcester Railers was on hand too.

Mike Walsh, the general manager at our Worcester pub, Kitchen Manager Aaron Brown, and Manager Staci Richford were joined at the Boys & Girls Club by Will, David and Paul. This crew of “culinary experts,” as the Worcester Chamber so kindly put it, prepared a yummy dinner for everyone – even the mascot – and helped supervise the kitchen volunteers. The pub even donated the food.

When our employees opt to take time out to help the community, we think it deserves a shout out, so…WELL DONE, WORCESTER!