logoBecause you know we’re all about that beer ‘Bout that beer ‘Bout that beer

Forgive us Meghan Trainor, but we just couldn’t resist doing some slight alterations to your irresistible mega hit to introduce our new app for beer lovers, TapHunter.


With dozens of craft beers on tap at each pub we are, in fact, very much ‘bout that beer. Well you know, in addition to food, fun and a somewhat obsessive devotion to local sports’ teams. But we digress.

IMG_2113_(2)_(846x1280)We’ve just partnered with TapHunter, a newly-available app for iPhones and Androids, that shows users exactly what’s on tap at pubs in their vicinity. Think of it as the OkCupid for beer lovers instead of someone seeking love. A quick, free download and you’re in business. Enable the GPS function and TapHunter will automatically tell you exactly what beers are available at which pubs right nearby. If you feel like telling TapHunter where you are is just way too Big Brother, simply punch in a zip code and the app will give you the same info; pub by pub, and beer by beer.

When we say TapHunter tells you exactly what’s available, we mean just that.

IMG_1527_(852x1280)_(2)In addition to letting you know what beers are on tap, TapHunter provides the type of beer – such as ‘Fruit Beer’ or ‘Strong Bitter’ – along with each brew’s alcohol content, the size of the pour and the price. You can also follow specific restaurants, set up a wish list – so TapHunter can notify you when one of your favorite beers becomes available – and explore specific breweries, and post reviews (like TripAdvisor, only for beer).

When you consider that part of the whole craft beer idea is frequent, seasonal changes, TapHunter – and its ability to show real-time availability – makes a lot sense. While Bud Light is always Bud Light, small, local breweries such as Jack’s Abby, roll out a new beer each season as well as specialty brews that are available for a short time. Our rep from Jack’s Abby, Matthew Ozelius, stopped in just the other day with new labels because it was, once again, time to tap a keg of something new from the Framingham-based brewery.

“We’re already starting to see an influence,” said Jay Santos, the resident beer guy at our Franklin pub who, like many of our servers, is Cicerone Server Certified (which means we really know our beer), of the app. “People are coming in knowing exactly what they want – both new customers and our regulars – psyched to try something new or see that an old favorite is back.”