Afternoons at the Cedarville BBC are all about local color.

We know it’s trite, and we know we’re dating ourselves by dragging out a relic from the past, but spending an afternoon at our Cedarville pub really is like stepping into a “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” situation. We stopped in on a random weekday afternoon and every stool at the big L-shaped bar was full. It was also loud…in a good way; not from the music being turned up or the talking head on TV pontificating, but with all of the convos going on up and down the bar. And unlike some of those bars where you feel like you’re an uninvited guest at a private party, we didn’t feel excluded from the fun. When a couple of stools opened up, we sat down and were immediately welcomed.

mike-and-ray-2To our right were Ray and Mike. Ray, who lives at White Cliffs, was getting ready to hit the road. But he was kind enough to share some kind words about the pub and the crew. “It’s the best place to come in the afternoon; good socializing and good personalities,” he said. “Plus, there’s Megan,” he added with a smile (Megan is one of the bartenders).

After Ray left, we spent a little time chatting with Mike.

He’d lived on the Cape years ago when he worked for the Air Force in security in the police canine unit at what was then Otis Air National Guard Base. His career took him to Michigan and, after retiring in 2015, he moved back east to be near his grandchildren who live in Hingham and Hanover.

“I could go to Mamma Mia’s – it’s closer – but I like it here,” Mike said. “All of the help is so nice; really wonderful people. They’re just nice kids, all of them. They know your name (see, even Mike said it!) and they know my phone number, which is kind of scary.”

We hope Mike means scary in a good way.

kathy-2On our left was Kathy who’s been a regular here “…since before they opened.” Kathy, who used to come here when it was Geoffrey’s, was just getting home from Bike Week in Daytona, when she cruised by on her bike. She saw the flashing light and realized there was new kid in town (us!) and has been coming in ever since, she said while enjoying what looked like a Shirley Temple, but was actually a Cape Codder with cherries.

Kathy instantly struck us as a to-the-point kind of person, an admirable personality trait if ever there was one, so her response to our ‘Why do you like it here?’ query was, not surprisingly, succinct:

“Good food; good friends; good times.”

That’s some high praise. Thanks, Kathy. The Cape Codder’s on us next time and we can assure you; there will be a next time.