The BBC has partnered with Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth to highlight our heart-healthy menu selections.

< With stuff like fish and chips, bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, and a bunch of hefty burgers and sandwiches, you wouldn’t think you’d find many healthy food options on a menu like ours would you? Turns out the British Beer Company does, in fact, offer a healthy dose of healthy food and it’s been on our menu all along.

And we’ve got proof!

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth recently analyzed items on our menu and determined their calorie counts. All of the items analyzed are on our regular menu and we didn’t alter the preparation of the dishes; no substituting ingredients to create a slimmed-down version of our yummy creations allowed!

Not one, but three of our pizzas made the ‘Healthy Menu Choices’ list. Enjoy half of one of our 10-inch North End, Spinach & Mushroom, or Margherita pizzas on multigrain dough and you’ll have racked up a waistline-pleasing calorie count of under 495 calories. Add a shrimp or Cajun-spiced lettuce wrap as an appetizer and you’ll still be under 750 calories – the threshold set for a healthy dinner – for your entire meal.

Not in the mood for pizza? Not a problem.

Our Mahi Mahi Blackened Tacos with cilantro lime slaw, fire-roasted jalapeno guac and sour cream made the cut, as did the Sweet Thai Chili Salmon with jasmine rice, and the Veggie Burger with fresh avocado.

To help spread the word about this great news, we’ll be rolling out a menu just after Labor Day which highlights the Healthy Menu Choices – and offers more details – in our pubs in Cedarville, Pembroke, Sandwich, Falmouth and Hyannis. We’ll also be hosting a tasting party at our Pembroke location in late September. Want to get on the guest list? Be sure to sign up for our newsletters!