We don’t mean to alarm you, and we’re certainly not trying to rush summer, but Labor Day is a month away. That’s correct; in just four short weeks, the party will be over and the kids will be back in school. Even though they may still be available well into the fall, there are certain things that are just way more fun when done in the summer months. We never seem to remember this until it’s too late. Consider yourself warned!Fenway Park

  • Go to a Baseball Game: You don’t have to be a big fan of baseball to enjoy being outside and eating popcorn, peanuts and Crackerjack. Add a hot dog and you’ve got an all-American meal, albeit one of dubious nutritional value. Whether it’s the Red Sox, PawSox, Cape Cod Baseball League or a neighborhood pub league, the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd is pure summertime fun.
  • Hit the Beach: If you live near one of our pubs, you’re close enough to a beach to take a daytrip. Grab the sunscreen, pack a cooler and just do it. Give yourself permission to laze a day away sitting in the sand and splashing around in the water. With the nonstop-action of today’s lifestyle, taking time out to veg is good for you, and we’re lucky enough to be able to do that at the beach. Bonus points for leaving your phone at home.
  • Have a Backyard BBQ: Again, don’t overthink it. Just do it. Don’t stress about crafting the perfect menu or not having outdoor furniture straight out of the pages of a Pottery Barn catalogue. A cookout at home isn’t about besting Martha Stewart. It’s about hanging with your friends and enjoying straight-off-the-grill burgers and hotdogs.
  • Eat a Lobster Roll: If you don’t like lobster, skip to the next item. For those of us that do like lobster, savoring a lobster roll is one of the rites of summer. At least it should be. They’re the taste of the sea wrapped up in an easy-to-eat, buttered roll. Bonus points for having yours at a restaurant with a view of the water.
  • Do Something Touristy: While we may all cringe at the thought of partaking of something blatantly touristy, the fact of the matter is that this kind of stuff is fun. It’s why things like the Swan Boat Rides at the Public Garden, duck boat rides, whale watches and mini golf have thrived for decades. We grudgingly went on a Hy-Line Harbor Cruise with out-of-town friends on Fourth of July. It was blast!
  • Hit the Road: Remember how much fun it was when you were in high school or college to pack your car with friends and just hit the road? No destination; no set time for it to end; just mindless meandering for the sake of, well, mindless meandering. Crank the tunes, put the car in drive and see where the road takes you.