Summer is officially here. The solstice has come and gone, and the kids are home from school. How you approach this season of carefree living determines whether or not you’re a “Summertime Slacker.” We realize it’s a lofty title that can take years of Zen-like lack of focus to achieve. But we at the BBC like to aim high.

Here’s a quick quiz to help you gauge your place on our patented “Slacker Scale.”

  1. By the time the final bell rings on the last day of school you:
    1. Are so ready to start making another summer’s worth of memories with your children.
    2. Have scheduled just enough activities to give the kids structure while leaving room for family time.
    3. Greet the kids in the parking lot with their luggage already in the trunk and the GPS set for overnight camp. Hey, 12 weeks is pricey, but it’s worth it! 
  1. When the birds start chirping at an hour when civilized people still want to sleep, you:
    1. Hop out of bed to get in a run before it’s time to head to work.
    2. Feel thankful that you invested in sound-insulating windows and air conditioning.
    3. Realize it’s time to wrap up the party and head home for some shuteye. 
  1. When your relatively new “significant other” suggests that a weeklong camping trip would be the perfect summer vacation, you:
    1. Think “I have finally found my soulmate!”
    2. Have mixed emotions because you prefer your vacations include a concierge and maid service, but you’re willing to give it a try.
    3. Nod along while surreptitiously checking your still-live profile on eHarmony. 
  1. When faced with the realization that there are hours of viable daylight left as you finish work, you:
    1. Race home to happily tackle that list of outdoor chores that built up over the short, winter days.
    2. Head to the nearest park or beach for a game of pick-up volleyball, knowing there’s a cold beer waiting when it’s over.
    3. Peruse the pre-loaded list of nearby pubs with patios that you wisely keep at the ready on your phone, and then head to the nearest one. 
  1. As Labor Day approaches, you find yourself:
    1. Doing everything possible to savor the last remaining moments of summer.
    2. Feeling somewhat wistful, but also ready to get back into your normal routine.
    3. Counting the days until the start of the NFL season, because you’re more interested in Tom Brady winning his sixth Super Bowl than anything about summer.

Calculate your score:

  • If you answered 1 to each question, you’re one of those people who has boundless energy all summer long. You’re a unicorn.
  • If you answered 2 to each question, you’re a healthy hybrid of summer aficionado, mixed with a bit of “been there/done that” attitude.
  • If you answered 3 to each question, you are a bona fide Summertime Slacker. Congratulations?

We wish we had that nifty “Share your results on Facebook” option, but that would take way too much effort. We’re too busy slacking.