Bangers and Mash is a traditional dish of Great Britain and Ireland comprised of sausages and mashed potatoes, but where does the name come from?

Bangers are so-called because after the First World War there was little meat in sausages — just scraps, cereal and water — so they sizzled and spluttered a lot when they were frying. It sounded as if there were mini explosions, or bangs, going on, hence the name “bangers.”

The BBC version features three pork and potato sausages on top of “Bubble and Squeak” (potatoes, bacon and cabbage) with fresh vegetables and garnished with fried onions. Give it a go next time you’re at your Local!

This is a great dish to try with a pint of Fuller’s Brit Hops. During September, if you buy a pint of Brit Hops, you get a Fuller’s glass to take home!