At The British Beer Company it’s not just about hoisting a pint and tucking into your favorite pub grub; your “local” is the center of town life, as it is in the UK.

Last weekend, the Sandwich BBC participated in Sandwich Fest, a community festival sponsored by the Sandwich Chamber of Commerce. There were plenty of events and lots of food and the popular competition, Best Sandwich in Sandwich. While the BBC didn’t go home with the grand prize, our chef won perhaps a greater accolade by her random act of kindness to a young boy.

Kathy and Tom Trainor brought along their two sons, John and Patrick, to this family event.

“My son John really didn’t want to go to the event, he doesn’t speak many words to others or eat many foods,” Kathy wrote to Sandwich BBC Chef Kristy LaPointe. “When I told you this was the only dish he wanted to try you said to him ‘You are my favorite new buddy !’  I know you saw over 500 people that day. This simple words to a small boy meant so much more.”

This seemingly small acknowledgment was especially important because John, 9, has autism. As Kathy Trainor explained, eating food in a public place is stressful for children with autism. The Trainors have practiced dining in unique ways (such as at Sandwich Fest) to create a comfort level for their child.

“What you didn’t know,” Kathy wrote afterwards to the chef, “was that your dish was the only one he ate and he asked to go to your ‘store’ and eat again!”

The tasty sandwich was the BBC’s New England Pastie, which in England is served as a sandwich. The BBC version is is Thanksgiving dinner in pie crust  (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce). Yum!

“Your son was a very sweet little guy and I was so excited that he was willing to try our sandwich,” said Kristy. “Having two children of my own it’s a battle to get them to try new things so I was so impressed he was willing to try it. What you may not know is that your son brightened my day that day also; his smile and the excitement of knowing he just wanted what we were serving made my day.”
Thank you, Kathy, for your kind words.
The Sandwich BBC crew at Sandwich Fest June 30.

At all our Locals, our staff will make you feel right at home.

John Trainor enjoys a New England Pastie.

Hope to see you again soon, John and family!