The Winter Olympics is in full swing, and Germany currently has 10 gold medals, the second-most of any nation.

Their strategy? Drinking a (non-alcoholic) beer directly after competing.

Johannes Scherr, a doctor for the German ski team, recommends his athletes should drink up early and often. According to the New York Times, Scherr finds that a non-alcoholic beer consumed after physical activity is more rejuvenating than water or a sports drink.

Scherr’s 2009 study found that athletes who drank a non-alcoholic beer after training or competing experienced “significantly less inflammation” and “fewer upper respiratory infections” than those who consumed a placebo. Beer contains a high concentration of polyphenols, which boost the immune system—just another reason for us to pour a pint.

That explains why Team Germany showed up to the Winter Olympics with about 3,500 liters of non-alcoholic beer and 11,000 liters of the good stuff. With 156 German athletes, that works out to 93 liters of beer per person.

We knew there was a reason we loved the Germans.