For Mike Powers, joining the British Beer Company two months ago was a dream come true. The new General Manager of the Pembroke local was born in Quincy, but when he was 10, his family moved to South Florida. He met his wife in Florida although she was also from Massachusetts, and they eventually moved back to the Bay State. They have three children and live in Kingston.

Where did you work prior to the BBC? I worked at the Cask & Flagon in Boston and Marshfield for more than six years. I opened the Marshfield location. I also also have owned two of my own restaurants: Full House Grill in East Bridgewater, Mass. and Tuscan’s Grill in Clifton Park, N.Y. At Tuscan’s Grill I remember I had this idea to advertise our Delmonico steak special for $11.99 on the Weather on the 8’s crawl on the Weather Channel. People thought I was nuts, but we went from selling 60,000 steaks to 100,000 a year.

What appealed to you about the BBC?  I always wanted to work for this company. I knew some of the people who had worked for the BBC for a long time. I’ve always liked the way they treated the customer and promoted the pubs as a place to come, a philosophy similar to a British pub, making people feel at home. People are the key in this business. The owners are very down to earth and very involved in all the pubs.

What’s special about British Beer Company? We’re beer, we’re burgers, we’re pizza. We’re a mecca for this area. We’re starting to build our taps with a local flair, thanks to our Beer Geek, Keegan, the bar manager.

Favorite sports teams? Obviously, since I’m from Massachusetts, the Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins, but I am a Miami Dolphins fan since I lived in Florida many years. My cousin Mike Kolen played for them in the ’70s and won two Super Bowl rings. he was known as Captain Crunch.

Favorite BBC Dish: I’ve always been a Shepherd’s Pie guy.