You can’t get more local than Melissa Oliveira.

She has lived her entire life in Falmouth, attended Falmouth schools, married a Falmouth guy and has worked at the British Beer Company in Falmouth Heights since 2001. Melissa and her husband and three children live in East Falmouth.

What do you at the BBC: I’m mainly a server, but I do some light managing duties, running around behind the scenes as Rob’s (general manager) minion. I’m also the resident chalkboard artist! I knew nothing about beer the summer I started. It was mayhem here all the time; I was like a little deer in the headlights! Now, it’s become a home away from home for me. I’ve worked with some of the same people for years.


What do you like about working here? We have amazing management and we all work so well together. Rob makes you feel valued; we’re often asked our opinion. We have a gorgeous location on Vineyard Sound that even a local like me appreciates year-round. And my beer palette has expanded from Bud Lite!

What is the most popular entrée and beer at Falmouth Heights? I’d say the Fish & Chips, as seafood is a big draw for tourists.  As for beer, when tourists come in they ask for what’s local. We sell a ton of local beers here. My favorite dish though is the Steak Tips. My favorite beer? I’d say Cisco Gripah.

What do you do in your spare time? I have a handmade sewing business (Bzzyfingers, check out her Facebook page and her store on Etsy), making items for babies and children, like teething rings, bibs and burping cloths, and some adult gift items, like notebook covers, zippered pouches. It’s nice therapy!