The Falmouth pub hosted its 14th Annual Polar Plunge this past Sunday, but it seems to us they should have waited a few days and really got the most “polar” experience possible! But, alas, the event was on Sunday, before another nor’easter could come to knock over power lines like bowling pins.

The plungers were in for a little treat from Mother Nature: the sun was shining on this glorious day, and plungers and onlookers alike were greeted to the sweet sounds of Irish bagpipes played by Joe Hayes.

Shouldering our way into the crowded restaurant, we checked out the scope of the event: there were 26 plungers, and at least twice as many people cheering them on. Some were trying free samples of Hog Island Beer Company’s Outermost IPA and White Shark Wheat in complimentary pint glasses. Others were taking pictures with Matt, the plunge’s unofficial mascot.

Both veterans and first-timers joined in on this year’s plunge. Don Teed (center) was there with his co-plungers Al Perry (left) and Jim “Rufus” Thomas (right). “I try to do it every year,” Teed said. “And I always try to dress up. One year I was a Viking, and this year I’m going with the St. Patrick’s Day theme.” He certainly dressed for the occasion, although we didn’t know leprechauns wore such plush bathrobes!

One of the first-timers was Dan Duffy, Falmouth Heights resident. “I decided this was going to be the year I took the plunge,” Duffy said with a smile that suggested he might be regretting his decision. “I love how the BBC is such a big part of our community.”

Della (left), is a 3rd-time plunger fanatic. She plunged with her husband Eric, and cheering her on was her mother, Jane (right). It was even Jane’s birthday! How generous of her to share her birthday with the BBC. Next round’s on you, Jane!

The plungers took their places at the shoreline, and at “Go!” raced in.

The plungers were in and out before we could shout, “Tequila!” (But they probably could have used some by then.) We stayed on the sidelines, out of respect for our health and all that. Once they were out of the water, we asked our plungers the inevitable question: “How was it?”

The answer was unanimous: “COLD.” Was it at least refreshing? “I suppose so,” said Duffy. “Very, very refreshing.”

Back inside the pub, plungers changed into dry garb and sat down for some warm pub grub. Chef Pablo was giving out free cups of clam chowder, which we happily accepted. Hey, onlookers get cold, too!

Overall, there was a great turnout for Falmouth’s 14th Polar Plunge. All the money raised went to the organization Belonging to Each Other, which helps shelter the homeless during the winter months. And if you missed out on the plunge, don’t worry: they’re already hard at work planning next year’s plunge. And of course, you can stop by the Falmouth Heights BBC anytime—no polar plunging required!