There are many reasons to love drinking beer: the taste, the company you share it with, the love of your local brewery— the list is endless, and we have one more reason to add to it. What if we told you that if you stopped by our Framingham pub and ordered a beer, you could also be donating to Puerto Rico relief?

Yep, you read that right. Framingham just tapped the newest Down the Road beer called the Colibri Hurricane Relief Goose. This “delightfully tart” brew is filled with the tropical flavors of guava, mango and native Puerto Rican sea salt. Sounds delicious! Something that sounds even better, though—one hundred percent of the proceeds will be donated to Hurricane Maria relief efforts via The Boston Foundation. We’ll take a round for everyone, please!

Nearly half of Puerto Rico’s residents are still without power and other basic human needs, even months after the disaster. If you’re on the mainland and are still unsure how to donate to the relief effort, start here, with a beer!