We at the BBC have never been ones to shy away from a challenge, so when our brothers and sisters up north at the Portsmouth and Manchester pubs heard about the Granite State Burger Challenge, it was game on!

The challenge is being hosted by The Hippo, a hip weekly newspaper based in Manchester, and is sponsored by Orange Theory Fitness, which only makes sense. If you eat a lot of the burgers that participating restaurants are putting out, you’ll definitely be due for a workout.

More than 16 of our esteemed cohorts in New Hampshire’s restaurant industry are in it to win it. Actually, there is nothing for us to win – well, except bragging rights – it’s all about the guest, which is just as it should be.

Go to any participating restaurant – pick us; pick us! – and order the burger of your choice. Not only will that burger fill you up, it will earn you a stamp on your Official Burger Passport which you can grab at any of the restaurants. The more stamps you get, the better your chances of winning.

Gift certificates and other prizes are being awarded daily. A grand prize winner will be announced after the contest wraps at the end of July. Said winner will take home $2,000 in gift cards to participating restaurants.

In an effort to make our already delectable burgers even more irresistible, the Portsmouth and Manchester BBCs are cooking up extra-special creations every day. Journalistic ethics require that we do our research for these blog posts so we were compelled to try the Ultimate Rueben Burger shown above. It was an anything-but-basic BBC burger topped with corned beef, gouda fondue, crispy onions, thousand island dressing, chopped pickles and arugula. Yum!

Go to the Granite State Burger Challenge website for more details and then start eating!