Part of our civic duty as self-proclaimed beer connoisseurs is to let our fellow craft brew fanatics know when a good, cold tap has slipped under the radar. It is also part of our civic duty to carry said beer, so that our customers have the best selection.

Our Hyannis pub has many great beers on tap to choose from— 30, to be exact. But there is one that is so rare that we can only order one barrel at a time.

Let us introduce you to— drumroll please— Proclamation Beer!

This microbrewery based out of Warwick, Rhode Island was introduced to Hyannis’s manager Mike Otto just this past Christmas Eve. “My friend brought me over a can of the Ethereous to try, and I just absolutely fell in love,” says Otto. “The day after Christmas, I put an order in.”

The Hyannis pub only carries one barrel a week, and Otto can only get whatever’s available. Last week they carried the Vic’s Secret Derivative, and this week they have Tendril on tap, as well as the Broze Milk Stout in cans.

How to describe the taste of any Proclamation ales? “It’s like running into your college roommate at the grocery store after not seeing them for 10 years,” says Otto. “That warm, familiar, comforting hug? That’s what Proclamation tastes like.”

Stop by Hyannis this week and pair a Proclamation pour with the Hawaiian barbecue pizza, buffalo chicken salad, chipotle chicken bap, nachos—you get the idea. Pair a great dish with one of the best craft brews today!


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