Mike Walsh’s new gig as the G.M. at our Worcester pub brings him home.

Being the general manager of a restaurant, especially a large one like our Worcester pub, means being able to jump into any role at crunch time. After working in the biz for more than 20 years, as a “…dishwasher, prep cook, bouncer, bartender, server, owner/operator and general manager,” as he puts it, Mike Walsh is exactly that kind of person.

me-2You’d think that with his having worn pretty much every hat there is when it comes to restaurant work, Mike had devoted his entire professional life to it, but that’s not quite the case. Mike left Worcester about four years ago to “…join the corporate world,” but as our luck would have it, he wanted back into the biz and we’re so happy he did. So he came back home to the town where he started; Worcester. “I worked in every area of Worcester; West Side, East Side, Main South and Downtown,” says Mike.  He credits great mentors and past experiences at Buffalo Wild Wings and Wahlburgers in his ability to now effectively oversee operation at the BBC Worcester.

Maybe – just maybe – we can take some of the credit for the former lover of Miller Lite’s newfound love of Wormtown. “Dave Fields would be proud,” said Mike of his friend and the owner of Wormtown Brewery. Mike’s also a fan of old school rock and roll. “Any ‘80s hair band puts a smile on my face: Poison, Def Leppard, White Snake.”

When he’s not taking care of business, Mike likes to vacation on Cape Cod and go to the movies solo. “I go alone so I have that two hours of extreme attention and peace.” His favorite pastime used to be golf, but apparently that was proving too staid for the man who loves hair bands because now he’s into…wait for it…shark diving in a cage.

As Carol Brady used to say, “Oh, Mike.”