Framingham bartender Paul Erickson – a.k.a. “Hollywood” – has a love of life, laughter and TALKING.

hollywood-bartender-framinghamAs we’ve mentioned in the past, we’re deeply committed to our quest for pub perfection, which means that we’re required to visit all of our locations periodically. True, consuming craft beers in a convivial atmosphere is a brutal task, but it’s one we’re willing to do to make sure that our restaurants are up to snuff and our customers satisfied.

Our quest for pub perfection found us at our Framingham location on a recent Tuesday evening. It being a Tuesday – a.k.a. BOGO pizza day – the aroma of freshly-baked pizzas wafting through the air was nearly as intoxicating as the thought of diving into a pint of Uncle Lumpy’s Vanilla Porter (What’s better than pizza paired with beer, right?). We quickly bellied up to the bar where we were immediately greeted by “Hollywood” who’s been with us for close to two years. It didn’t take long for that pint of porter to be placed in front of us, and it took even less time for us to remember how much Hollywood loves to talk.

Ask a simple question – virtually any question – and “Hollywood” will have you mesmerized within minutes. On said recent Tuesday evening we asked “Hollywood” why he was called “Hollywood.”

“In the late ‘80s, I used to run the Green House in Billerica – it was owned by the 99 Restaurants – and I started doing a comedy club when I became the manager, and when I started doing the promotions, everyone said it was like being in Hollywood,” replied “Hollywood.”

Okay; seems straightforward enough, right? End of convo, right? Nope. Mentioning the Green House, one of the great nightclub icons in an era of iconic nightclubs – man, were the ‘80s fun – got Hollywood thinking the places he’s worked in the past.


“There was the Chicken Bone Saloon in Framingham and then the Halfway Café in Maynard and The Chateau in Westboro and Thackery’s Table in Waltham and Joco’s Bar & Kitchen in Waltham then I was out of bartending for awhile while I was doing car auctions but I missed the action so I got back into it.”

If you’re thinking this sentence is seriously in need of commas, we’re in complete agreement, but the way “Hollywood” speaks simply doesn’t include commas.

Are you beginning to get a feel for “Hollywood”? If so, you won’t be remotely surprised with how he responded when we said, “A car auctioneer? How cool!”