Yesterday, the Hyannis pub proved that community and family are paramount by holding a fundraiser to remember Officer Sean Gannon, who was shot and killed in the line of duty in April. In collaboration with the Bishop Stang Class of 2003 (Officer Gannon’s graduating class) and other local restaurants, as well as sponsorship from MS Walker and Tito’s Vodka, the first annual Sean Gannon Memorial Mix-Off commenced!

Matty B from Pixy 103 volunteered his time as DJ as guests voted on the best drink, entered into raffles and feasted on the delectable buffet of pizza, mac and cheese and various charcuterie platters. The outpouring of community support and love was astounding—over $13,500 was raised for the Gannon Foundation. Officer Gannon’s family attended, and it was incredibly moving to hear and feel their gratitude.

“We live in an unbelievably awesome community,” manager Mike Otto beamed. “I feel so lucky to be a part of a company who rallies around their community in anyone’s time of grief or need.”

Reinforcing his comments, many of the guests yesterday could be heard chanting, “Cape Cod! Cape Cod! Cape Cod!” at various points of the day.

We want to thank all of the staff who generously donated their time for this heartwarming and fun day. We want to especially thank Mike, who in only five short weeks was able to pull this whole event together. It went off without a hitch!