When we’re out doing our quality control visits (QCV) – a nonsensical term we made up in an earlier post to legitimize hanging around at our pubs – we love checking in with the crew. We also love catching up with our regulars.

img_1428-849x1280A recent QCV brought us to Framingham, just as the dinner hour was starting, where we found one of our fave regulars, Jeff Goodwin. Jeff and his son Sam were having a “BOYS’ NIGHT OUT!” as Sam said – well; shouted, really – while mom was home taking care of Sam’s sister, Olivia, who had a sore throat. As Jeff explained, he may well have been the first person ever turned away at the door. We hope he was the only person ever turned away!

“I was here the day they opened,” said Jeff. “We were going to see “The Dark Knight” and wanted to grab dinner, but they weren’t quite ready to open when we got here. I always say ‘We were the first people to get thrown out.’”

We weren’t really fishing for a compliment when we asked Jeff why he comes in so frequently – okay, maybe we were…just a little – but he had such nice things to say about the crew that we just have to share.

“It’s a place I can come with friends for happy hour or with my kids for dinner,” said Jeff, adding “They have good people. Tammy’s awesome – she’s ‘my’ bartender – and Shane is great. He’s a friend now and knows my kids. And the beer selection has historically been very good; stuff you can’t find elsewhere.”

When not hanging out at the Framingham pub, patiently peeling the skin off Sam’s hot dog, Jeff works at MathWorks in Natick. After mentioning our complete confusion with anything to do with math, he said, “I’m a user experience specialist, not a mathematician.”

Um…‘user experience specialist’? We’re still a little confused.