This past Saturday, Sandwich hosted BBC’s Comedy Corner with host Pat Collins. It was the perfect way to send off snowy March and welcome sunny April—little did we know we were going to get a belated April Fools joke in the form of more snow! The show was completely sold out, and patrons were encouraged to come early and fill up on food and drink before sitting back to enjoy the show. It’s a good thing we did—if laughter is the best medicine, then these performers gave us a clean bill of health!

Lisa and Bryan (left and right) and their longtime friend Todd (middle) were perfect company to share a table with!

The drinks were flowing and the lights began to dim, setting the scene for Pat Collins to warm up the crowd.

Alvin “Big Al” David taught the crowd the most important thing to pack in your Planet Fitness gym bag: paper plates and crushed red pepper.

We were in stitches when Bethany described “tacos and tears”—or, the combination of lunch and family therapy.

Dan Boulger, who won the 2006 Boston Comedy Festival, wrapped up the show with some good-natured ribs about the infamous history of British cuisine. Judging by his empty plate after the show, we think he enjoyed our take on classic British dishes!

We caught up with the comics after the show and asked if they could remember what their most memorable shows have been so far in their careers. They immediately had responses.

“A few days ago, I actually did a set in a kickboxing gym,” Big Al said with a grin. “They made me wear the headgear and everything.”

“One time I did a set at a 24-hour Walk-a-Thon, and there were children everywhere,” Bethany told us. “You guys heard my set.” We sure did, Bethany!

“I was at a golf course, and the mic cord was attached to speakers that were three miles away,” Dan said, shaking his head. “Those were the speakers you use to tell people further down the field that thunder’s on its way. The echo back was insane.”

Catch the next round of BBC’s Comedy Night April 21st in Cedarville’s pub, which will feature Scotty Lombardo and Sean Sullivan! Buy your tickets here!