No matter which pub you call your local hangout, one fact is consistent: we have the best damn wait staff in the world.

Our staff is made up of loyal, familiar, hard-working, enthusiastic, snarky, beer-drinking, perfect humans. We love them to death. That’s why, whenever we can, we help out our own in their times of need.

Nick and Nancy Norton have been working for us for years, rotating among all the pubs on the Cape. Nick is a dedicated dishwasher and Nancy a superb server. When we found out that Nick underwent a double lung transplant and had to be out of work for the foreseeable future, we immediately assembled the troops to help.

In April, we hosted a Roaring Twenties-themed Casino Night at our Cedarville pub. All the money raised went to help cover Nick’s medical bills. It was a fabulous, Gatsby-esque night filled with casino games, poker tables, a photo booth, homemade drinks and flapper and gangster-themed outfits.

“If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have this,” Nancy said, gesturing to the bar area that was quickly filling up with people. “It’s a little overwhelming because I’ve always been the person who’s done fundraisers for everybody else.”

Today, we’re hosting our annual BBC Open golf tournament at the Atlantic Country Club in Plymouth. A portion of the proceeds will go towards Nick and Nancy, while another portion will go towards the Nathan Hale Foundation.

We’re lucky to have such special people work for us for as long as they have. Cheers to that!