What are you doing June 10 and 11? Let us paint you a picture of how it could look:

Picture this: You’re driving down beautiful Grand Avenue inĀ Falmouth, arriving at the regal and dignified British Beer Company public house. Rounding the corner, you see tents upon tents set up in the parking lot, all full of loyal craft beer and fresh oysters. You eat and drink to your hearts content at the Beer and Oysterfest while listening to incredible live entertainment.

Then, you wake up the next day. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. You pack your golf clubs into your car and meet us at Atlantic Country Club, courtesy of our hardworking and brilliantĀ CedarvilleĀ pub. You join us in the 13th Annual BBC Open, where you get to play golf with your buddies, all while supporting a great cause.

Sounds bloody great, right? See you there!