Tricia Johnson’s warm smile and personable nature has welcomed many a customer at our Pembroke local over the years.  To this Massachusetts native, her regular patrons are like family. Cheers, Tricia, on reaching a BBC milestone!


Where did you grow up? 
I grew up in Winchester, Massachusetts.
Who are your regulars?
I’ve worked as the bartender at Pembroke for 25 years and a lot of my regulars I have had for all those years.I love trying to make everyone happy. They are like family to me. I’m having a wedding at my house in August for a regular who has become one of my best friends. I have also had a family take me with them to Aruba for a birthday celebration because they consider me family. I have also been known to be a bit on the wise-ass side.
Why she likes working at the BBC:
I’ve done a lot of fund-raising over the years and one of the great things about the BBC is that they support me. I pick a night and I and one of my favorite guys to work with donate all the tips and the BBC matches it. Every year it’s been about $3,000 in tips and $3,000 from the BBC. That should tell you a lot about my regulars!
Favorite past-time?
My favorite thing to do is travel. If I’m not at the BBC for a few days everyone says Trish must be in Aruba. I’m lucky enough to have met a great guy who was also a customer who spoils me!!  I love the beach and going out on our boat.
Last book read?
I don’t sit still long enough to read much but I will when I’m on the beach. Danielle Steele is still my favorite. I just finished “Power Play.”
Favorite emojis?I’m old school and still have a iPhone 5 . I do not do well with technology and forget it if the TVs don’t work for some reason, I’m lost.
Have you been to England?
I have never been to England but I have been to Ireland. I would certainly do market research and take a trip to England!