Nothing is Real at Strawberry Field

There’s nothing to get hung about at the 11th Annual Lennon Fest in Falmouth Heights.

Shirtless Johnny queried Tall McCartney one fine fall day, “Do you want to join a band?”

Although somewhat put off by Shirtless Johnny’s somewhat dated attire (Tie dye; really?), Tall was feeling in especially fine fettle that particular day and immediately agreed to Johnny’s utterly unsolicited request. Shortly thereafter, two additional dudes jumped on the bandwagon (the band’s first method of transportation was, in fact, a wagon). There was Eric, who managed to so effortlessly strum his guitar, it made everyone gently weep. And finally there was young David, whose youthful good looks proved such a threat to the more aged members of the band, he was required to grow facial hair (which proved quite the challenge). After a bit of back and forth regarding their creative path, the fab four gentlemen opted to emulate their musical heroes – the actual Fab Four; a.k.a. The Beatles – and the band Walrus Gumboot was born.310590_2073354233693_9638023_n1-2

Walrus Gumboot has generously agreed to take a break from their sold-out stadium tour in merry old England to perform for us in shiny New England at the BBC’s 11th Annual Lennon Fest. The date? Sunday, October 9th; what would have been John Lennon’s 76th birthday. How fitting. The place? Strawberry Field in Falmouth Heights. How fortuitous. The time? High noon: No Beatles’ tie-in on the time; it just happens to work for everyone.

Lest you think Walrus Gumboot is nothing but a bunch of tone-deaf old dudes banging away on homemade instruments, we invite you to listen to them as they performed at a previous Lennon Fest. Close your eyes while you listen and you’ll swear they’re the real-live Beatles. And lest you think Lennon Fest is nothing but a rock-fest filled with aging hippies engaging in bad-boy behavior, rest assured that this is a family affair with great food and lots o’ kid-friendly activities. But wait…there’s more: PIXY 103 will be joining us for the day, so even while the band’s taking a break – they’re really not getting any younger – the tunes will be cranking.66066_1536159777277_4015792_n1-2

In need of one more feel-good reason to come hang at Lennon Fest? All proceeds from the event – food sales, donations, etc. – will be donated to the Falmouth Service Center.





The Details:

What: 11th Annual Lennon Fest
When: Sunday, October 9th from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Where: Strawberry Field in Falmouth Heights (That big, green field across the street from our pub at 263 Grand Ave.)
Who: Live Music from Walrus Gumboot; PIXY 103
Food: Grilled Burgers, Hot Dogs and Sausage Subs at Strawberry Field; Lunch and Dinner at the BBC
For Kids: Face Painting, Moonwalk, Bungee Run Equalizer, Inflatable Twister
Contest: Prizes Awarded for Best Flower Child Outfit
Proceeds: To Benefit Falmouth Service Center