This past weekend was a joyous one, indeed! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finally became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and our pubs were ready to celebrate.

Walking into the Portsmouth pub, we were hit by a wall of sound provided by none other than a fan favorite, New England band Walrus Gumboot! They played all the classic Beatles hits we know and love.

Making our way to the back of the pub, we were greeted by a setup fit for royalty: complimentary Guinness samples and engraved Royal Wedding pint glasses from Guinness reps Colleen and Dee-Dee, a cupcake tower with the royal couple’s faces on them, English beer and champagne and gin glasses ready for the royal toast. There were also gift bags, a photobooth with the (cardboard) royal couple and a guestbook to sign!

The food and drink flowed as Walrus Gumboot led sing alongs to classics like “All Together Now.” As tempted as we were to try everything chef James Gibney concocted for the special menu, we had to limit ourselves to only one of each appetizer and dinner option.

The lamb lollipops were a delicious (and filling) choice of appetizer. Roasted in rosemary garlic oil with a minted lamb jus, the ‘pops were cooked perfectly. Our compliments to the chef!

We needed to take a break to let everything digest at this point, so we walked around to get a good look at how everyone dressed for the occasion. Some women wore homemade wedding hats that looked suspiciously like Barbie dolls pinned to their heads (we must not be up on the latest fashions), while others had more discreet, chic veils to compliment the long one worn by Meghan Markle.

Laura, Audrey, Jean and Audrey’s daughter Deanne

Sitting off to the side was group of English women—Laura, Audrey and Jean—who met through an English Girls Club after they married American men and moved to the US. When we asked what they thought of the wedding, they all replied at once: “Oh, it was lovely, absolutely lovely!”

When it came time to choose a main course, we went with the fresh Lemon Butter Crumb Haddock Mountbatten. And we of course had to try the dessert, Sherry Trifle Princess Elizabeth. Everyone in the pub raised a glass for a champagne toast at 3:30 to honor the happy couple.

Great job to all the staff and management of the Portsmouth pub! You all put in loads of hard work. Cheers!